Cleansing Routine
One of our beautiful ÀTOI Clients enjoying her cleansing routine!

Congratulations! Step 1 is done: you made the resolution! Now, how do you achieve your goal of better, more beautiful skin and keep up your skincare routine all year long?

  1. Start simply: How many times have we fallen short on our resolutions because we took on too much? Start with the basics—Cleansing and Moisturizing. They’re best thing for your skin anyway! Then, when you’re really enjoying your routine, add in Serums, Masks and Exfoliant.
  2. Work cleansing around your other daily routines: You have probably managed to make brushing your teeth twice a day a routine, right? So, it’s entirely possible for you to have a twice daily cleansing routine; just work it around your oral care routine! Start with your Cleansing Milk and follow with Toner. Then, while your Toner dries, brush/floss your teeth! Apply your moisturizer and you’re done—easy peasy!
  3. Cleanse early: Unlike brushing your teeth, your nighttime routine does not have to be done right before bed. Anytime in the evening is fine. You can cleanse as soon as you get home from work or even before you leave the office; just don’t miss it!

Taking care of yourself isn’t something you have to do. It’s something you get to do, so enjoy it, make time for it and bask in all the wonderful results!

New Year’s resolutions need action plans to become reality. Share your action plan in the comments below!



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