Preparing for menopause is really preparing for life’s next chapter. It is a wonderful opportunity to take stock of what we need and develop the habits that will serve us best as we take the next step. No matter how busy or complicated our life is or seems; we can alter it so that it suits our deepest need by changing what we do. What we do is so often more important than what we think.

Gratitude, a positive attitude to self and taking charge of today’s issues instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow are our best weapons against negative self-talk.

Here are some tips to get started.

  1. Positive Self-Talk: When we are busy and overwhelmed one excellent place to start is with positive self-talk. Going through menopause is certainly a time when we might find ourselves at “loose ends.” That negative place filled with “I can’t” and “why bother.” There is no advantage or growth from being at “loose ends.”  It is the single biggest waste of time and often leads us to a very unproductive ‘victim’ mindset. Gratitude, a positive attitude to self and taking charge of today’s issues instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow are our best weapons against negative self-talk.
  2. Choose your Company Wisely: Improving ourselves, body and soul, is our decision, and we are the ones responsible for staying positive and focused. If we surround ourselves with people who are stuck in their own negativity as we’re just learning to be more positive, we’ll eventually end up back where we started. True friends want you to be happy and to do what is best for you. Those who are not positive are that way because of their own issues, and when they weigh us down they do so because misery loves company. Do not undervalue yourself. You deserve a good life and friends that celebrate it with you.Int. Women's Day 1
  3. Exercise: Sweat your symptoms out! Sweating actually helps to reduce inflammation so a regular workout becomes even more important and beneficial. Plus, it helps us focus which gives a greater sense of emotional, mental and physical well-being. If you’re not in the habit of exercising or have experienced past injuries, check with your doctor to see what types of exercises are best for you. Then, begin with as little as 10-15 minutes a day until your body is comfortable with more. Don’t worry about perfection if things aren’t as easy as they were. Even doing gentle aerobic exercises and going for regular walks will help.
  4. Change your diet: Our body is going through so much during menopause it’s important to support it with the proper nutrients. Organic sweet potatoes are particularly beneficial because they have nutrients that help the eyes and balance hormone levels.
  5. Remember your skin: Your skin is changing too, so don’t leave it out of this new beginning. In fact, our skin needs even more attention. Add a second ÀTOI cleansing to your morning routine and follow with ÀTOI Toner. Then in your nighttime routine, which should consist of 3 cleansings and 2 applications of Toner to improve lines, smooth and even the skin and shrink the pores, add ÀTOI Serums. They penetrate the skin very quickly, making an immediate change. ÀTOI’s Line Defying, Lifting and Revitalizing Collagen Serums are particularly helpful for fine lines and dehydration.Revitalizing Collagen Hero
  6. Find your “Cornerstone Habit”: At ÀTOI our favorite mode of self-care is, of course, a thorough daily skincare routine, since aside from giving us radiant skin, it’s an excellent way to wind down and take a little precious time for ourselves. But everyone’s idea of self-care is a little different, so take the time to figure out what works for you and do that thing consistently. You’ll develop cornerstone habit that leads to even more positive changes.  

Getting to the other side of negative habits is life altering and as rewarding as anything we could give ourselves. Remain optimistic and positive as you make the decision to eat better, exercise more, and take care of your complexion. Take pride and celebrate every small change because that is how big changes happen: one small change at a time. It is so worthwhile.

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