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Transforming your skin is doable, constructive and, though thinking of it can be overwhelming, often times not as hard as we think. Here are our 5 favorite positive habits that make a huge impact on your skin—no matter what the issue.

  1. Water: You may know this, but it’s one extra action you can take to make a big improvement. Water is the beverage of choice for the complexion. If you’re not a big water drinker, begin with a small amount. Drinking water is a habit that has to be built over time and a great way to start is by keeping a water bottle with you and drinking it throughout the day. Have it ready at your office so you don’t have to keep running for refills and carry it in your bag. Once you get started you’ll be surprised how refreshing consistent water intake can be and your body and skin will thank you.  
  2. Oils: A little good oil in the diet goes a long way in helping our skin. Cold-Pressed Apricot, Avocado and Almond oils are some of ÀTOI’s favorites. For dry skin they help nourish and hydrate the skin from within, but adding one of these health food oils regulates all complexions including oily ones so that the body becomes balanced and does not produce excess oils. The best way to add oils to your diet is to use it as a replacement for butter when you cook or in homemade salad dressing. Too much dairy, especially butter and cheese, can cause eruptions and coarsen the skin over time. Oils not only improve your skin, they’re also a positive way to limit your dairy intake without sacrificing flavor.
  3. Sleep: Peaceful deep sleep is the best gift you can give yourself; body, soul and complexion. Between bosses and babies we may not have much choice of the hours we get to sleep, but we can do something about the quality. For that, quiet time is key. Resist the evening news, even fashion magazines—anything that overstimulates, and instead find ways to wind down. Try replacing that one last episode of “Modern Family” before bed with your ÀTOI Cleansing routine. Your skin will thank you, and whether you spent the day working hard or creatively procrastinating, you could sure use a little time for self-care.
  4. Be Gentle: There are a few things in life that get cleaner with elbow grease: stove tops, cars, bathtubs, but your skin is not one of them. In fact, rubbing too hard only irritates and coarsens the skin over time. Your skin is precious and no matter what issue it may be having taking your frustration out on it with a rough hand will only exacerbate the problem. One way to make sure you’re using a gentle approach is to use 100% cotton wetted with irritant-free distilled water to remove your cleanser instead of rinsing with tap water and then drying it with a rough towel.
  5. Cleanse Thoroughly:  Cleansing once during your nighttime routine is great, but 3 cleansings at night to make sure the grit, makeup and sunblock is out of the pores will make an even more striking improvement. ÀTOI’s Cleansing Milks are designed to gently open the pores and lift out impurities. With each cleansing the Milk reaches deeper into the pores, leaving them not only scrupulously clean, but also smaller. Finishing with 2 applications of ÀTOI alcohol-free Toner completely closes your freshly cleaned pores and gives your skin an extra touch of radiance.

Changing our day-to-day habits can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to make adjustments little by little and be kind and reasonable with yourself as you integrate these healthy lifestyle changes. The great thing is, once you start making these changes, you won’t have to wait long to see improvement. You’ll start to feel good and look good and even feel good about how you look—the best possible result.  

Visit us at atoiskincare.com to view our superb French inspired formulas and find out What’s Right for You as you begin your journey to stunning skin.


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