Hair Dye Blog 2

We all enjoy dyeing our hair for a variety of reasons; a new look, a statement, even a dare, but in the end the color we fall most in love with is the one that matches our complexion and makes us feel drop dead gorgeous. Keeping our skin in mind is so important when we’re seeking that perfect look, because once we’ve found that stunning shade of red, we’d rather not have skin to match. Here are a few tips to keep your complexion clear and even—even when you dye your hair.

  1. Protect the hairline: When preparing to dye your hair, apply Vaseline or a Vaseline type of non-porous jelly. This helps keep the hairline from becoming irritated. Alba Botanical UN-petroleum Jelly is an ÀTOI house favorite.
  2. Watch the chemicals: If possible. Avoid ammonia and peroxide products. They tend to be more irritating. It is possible to find the correct color without it containing so many irritants. Try switching to a no ammonia, no peroxide formula—your scalp and hair will thank you. Our ÀTOI favorites are Schwartzkopf and Wella hair dyes because they tend to have good color selection and are gentle on the scalp.
  3. Distilled water spritz: After dyeing your hair, wet 100% cotton with distilled water and wipe down your face. This will help to remove any residue from the hair and calm the skin/
  4. Find the right shampoo: We recommend Framesi and Schwartzkopf shampoos because they preserve the color and do not irritate the skin.

For more skincare tips, visit ÀTOI Skincare


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