Mother's day 2017

This Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to remember, acknowledge and be grateful for the mothers, aunts, friends, teachers, bosses, etc. who have guided us, influenced us and helped us grow. Feeling and expressing gratitude is healing and Mother’s Day is a great reminder that we should do it every day. We at ÀTOI wanted to share our gratefulness for each other and the many wonderful women we’re so blessed to have in our lives.


  1. My beautiful, elegant mother who inspired me to begin ÀTOI Skincare
  2. My warm, gracious and generous Aunt in Nova Scotia
  3. My neighbor growing up who was interested in anything and everything I did when I was a young girl.  
  4. My Husband’s aunt who encouraged me to be my own person no matter what. She taught me not to look to other people for the approval I should be getting from myself. She taught me not to trust my negative emotions and that what I was doing was more important than what I was feeling: a life changing way of looking at my life.


I have an extraordinary mother. She is thoughtful, kind and honest, and I’m grateful for her constant love and support. She taught me by example what was really important and how to treat others—lessons that have served me well. One of the best pieces of advice she ever gave me was to go up to the new girl in Sunday School and tell her that her dress was pretty. That little girl is now my best friend of nearly 25 years. In those years we’ve been through everything together. She has protected me, supported me, inspired me and taught me how to look at life. I can’t imagine my life without either of these phenomenal women.


I am thankful for my mother for sending me to pursue the American dream against my will. Because of her encouragement I built a life here and met extraordinary people. One of them became my American Mom. They are no longer with me but I miss them both deeply and I would give my soul to just be able to hug  them one more time. Both of them are watching me from above and keep me strong. Now I’m surrounded  by Marvelous women in my life and I take this opportunity to thank each of them because I have learned, and I continue to learn every day from their wonderful example, how to become a better person. Each of you are an inspiration to me!


This Mother’s Day I would like to give thanks to my mother and my gracious boss Tova Hanifin- both helped shape the person I am today. My mother taught me to always have my own opinion and to speak up my mind. When I married my husband, she strongly encouraged me to keep my maiden name. Now that I became an American Citizen and I see my ancestors and my father’s name on my passport, I feel more myself in my new country. For that I am grateful. Tova has been very generous to me over the years. She taught me how to take care and love myself and through that knowledge I feel I am becoming more giving and generous person myself.

Help us continue our Mother’s Day celebration by sharing a few words about a woman role model in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!!


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