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2017 is in full gear, and for so many of us all the well-intentioned promises we made to ourselves on New Year’s Eve have dissolved with our busy schedules. We may once have tried the proverbial “wagon,” or not, but now it seems to have passed us by. At times like these it’s important not to give up on small self-care steps to save time—no matter how stressful the schedule. We tend to think of self-care as “just another thing to do,” when in reality, it’s the basis for getting all the other things done in a sane, healthy way. Self nourishment is key. It gets us through the most difficult times, and giving it up is destructive and always backfires.  

No matter what, take care of yourself. You count.

Sometimes finding the time to care for yourself amidst the madness takes a little creativity. We have an idea in our heads that taking care of ourselves means having an entire day off to go to a spa or setting aside a full hour to workout. While that’s all well and good when we have the time, if those are our self care goals, no wonder we only meet them once a year. At ÀTOI we believe big change starts with small steps and taking better care of your skin is a very effective step 1.

Here are a few ways to fight the chaos and cleanse no matter what.

  1. Combine cleansing with other routines: The dream scenario is to have time and energy at night to thoroughly cleanse before bed. But then life sets in and we’re so exhausted we just brush our teeth and pass out. That’s right; even when we’re tired (thanks to those wonderful fear-mongering dentists!) we still manage to brush our teeth. So instead of adding skincare to your night routine, try fitting it around your dental care routine. Start with ÀTOI Cleansing Milk followed by ÀTOI Toner. Then, while your toner is drying, floss/brush your teeth. Pat on your cream and head to bed! Bathroom Scene
  2. Cleanse in the shower: The ideal ÀTOI Cleansing Routine includes distilled water and cotton pads, and, yes, your skin will see a remarkable difference if you can do this, but the main objective is to get the skin cleansed. If that means cleansing in the shower; do it! You can follow with toner and cream when you get out.
  3. Cleanse Early: Although cleansing right before bed is ideal for winding down at the end of the day, cleansing earlier, either as soon as you get home from or right before you leave work, can be immensely helpful as well. Plus, it gives you time to center yourself before dealing with whatever awaits you at home.
  4. Bring distilled water: You’d be surprised what carrying around a travel-size spray bottle of  distilled water can do for your skin. Give yourself a little spritz to refresh throughout the day.Distilled bottle 2
  5. Start small: We’re often inundated with so many products to address every flaw we believe our skin has. Before we know it we end up with tons of products and become too overwhelmed to use any of them. Start with ÀTOI Cleansing Milk and Toner. They’ll make an incredible difference in the skin. Feel good about just cleansing at night. Then, as your routine grows, add ÀTOI Eye Creams and Day and Night Creams. Once you’re consistently cleansing and moisturizing, add more treatments such as ÀTOI Serums and Masks. Little by little you’ll develop a routine you look forward to unwinding with each night and enjoying the amazing skin you wake up to in the morning.  The process becomes an important part of our self-nurturing.

We may not always be able to achieve the ideal cleansing experience, but we can still find ways to take care of our skin and ourselves. Those little moments to ourselves are the real goal and they’re the ones that keep us centered when life is out of control.

No matter what, take care of yourself. You count.

Cleansing Edit2



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