Rosacea is not a curse. It’s a signal. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us; a tummy rumble inspires us to rummage through kitchen cabinets, the drip of a runny nose tells us, “time for a day off!” Assuming we’re able, we usually do whatever our bodies ask. But when our skin is red and blotchy, and we develop acne-like bumps and severe sensitivity, what is our body trying to tell us?  There is a lot of confusion about the exact cause of Rosacea, but treating the symptoms leads us to believe our bodies are asking us to be gentle and make a few crucial changes. ÀTOI has experience and success with solutions that clear and fully restore skin suffering from rosacea. In fact, many of our clients now have the confidence to wear make-up only if they want to. They do not have to wear cover-up to get by and their skin feels as good as it looks.

There is a lot of confusion about the exact cause of Rosacea, but treating the symptoms leads us to believe our bodies are asking us to be gentle and make a few crucial changes.

  1. Drink Water: Water intake is extremely important for all skin types, but especially for rosacea. Alkaline water is the best for redness and irritation. Our ÀTOI office favorite is Neo Water; it tastes good and is alkaline so it neutralizes acidity and is soothing for the body and the skin.  
  2. Drink Only Water: Other liquids like fruit juices, fruit drinks and sodas are no replacement for good ol’ H2O. Most juices are high in acidity which aggravates the complexion and irritates blotchy, uneven skin. If you’re really hankering for a fruity drink, opt for Lakewood Organic Cranberry Juice diluted with spring water.
  3. Avoid Acidity: Oranges in particular, but any citrus, even apples and tomatoes, which are good for most people, have too much irritating acidity and will exacerbate Rosacea symptoms. 
  4. Cut the Dairy: Too much dairy, especially cheese, can cause eruptions and coarsen the skin over time.  Luckily, there are now a variety of non-dairy cheese choices—the tastiest ones come from cashews or walnuts.  neocotton
  5. Handle with Care: Many clients who first come to see us find they have a much harsher hand than they think when cleaning their skin. Rubbing too hard aggravates the skin and makes the skin coarser. You might be frustrated by your skin, but trying to rub redness away only creates more problems. In fact, many clients come to us thinking they have rosacea when in reality they are just being too hard on their skin. 
  6. Use Rolled Cotton and Distilled Water: We always recommend our clients invest in a 16 oz package of Padco 100% rolled non sterile cotton available here and a plastic spray bottle filled with Distilled water. After your bath or shower, saturate a palm size piece of cotton with distilled water and gently rinse the complexion. It will immediately begin to calm irritation.  
  7. ÀTOI: Finding the right skincare routine is an important step to radiant skin. We recommend beginning with ÀTOI’s Soothing Milk and Soothing Toner which calm, restore and cleanse the skin. For skin that is regularly red and aggravated, ÀTOI’s Soothing Serum is a miracle worker. When used with ÀTOI’s Soothing Day/Night Cream, it calms even the most irritated skin.

We know that changing day-to-day routines is not easy. Most of us are creatures of habit; we look forward to and count on having our favorite foods everyday or as often as possible, and we like what we know. Be patient. The best approach is being kind and reasonable as we integrate these healthy lifestyle changes which make such a positive change in the skin and how we feel about ourselves.

For more help and advice on calming rosacea, call us at 212-929-2182. We’d love to help!




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