It’s never too hot for moisturizer.

The muggy, steamy heat of the dog days may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean our skin doesn’t need moisture and, most importantly, protection. It is that time of year when we feel we are living in a sauna and the idea of adding anything moist to our skin seems extreme. At the least we avoid our creams, replace them with the necessary sunblock and pray we don’t “glisten” enough for it to coagulate into goop. It’s a wonder we don’t refer to this as the most wonderful time of the year. There is hope, however. You can still have phenomenal hydrated and fresh looking skin even in the hottest of heats.

SPF is SO important for anyone of any ethnicity spending any amount of time in the sun, but it can and does irritate the skin and clog the pores.

Here’s how:

  1. Add a little spritz! Sorry, not Aperol Spritz, a spritz of distilled water. cream+water bottleSpray the face with a little distilled water before applying your moisturizer. This helps the moisturizer go on thinly and evenly and leaves your face feeling fresh.
  2. Toss the 2 in 1 Makeup/Moisturizer + SPF. SPF is SO important for anyone of any ethnicity spending any amount of time in the sun, but it can and does irritate the skin and clog the pores. Like most things in life taking the shortcut may save time, but it takes its toll in the long term. The problem with dual purpose moisturizers and make ups with SPF is that they are not strong enough on their own to protect from sun damage and they contain chemicals which irritate normal, sensitive and oily skin.
  3. Protect from the In order to keep the SPF from sinking too deeply into the pores, protect your skin with a layer of ÀTOI Day Cream. Any ÀTOI cream will do, but for the best protection, thicker is actually better. ÀTOI Day Creams do protect the skin from irritation caused by sunblock. They also absorb quickly into the skin, so there’s no need to fear that sticky residue feeling.
  4. Cleanse more. Because SPF can also clog the pores, it is also important to cleanse the skin thoroughly after wearing sunblock. We recommend a minimum of 3 cleansings with ÀTOI Cleansing Milks followed by 2 applications of ÀTOI Toners to fully clear the SPF from the pores. This will also help to sooth any irritation caused by the sunblock and improve the skin.

Almost all of our new ÀTOI clients request no moisturizer or barely any moisturizer during the warm summer months. After they see their own phenomenal results from our cleansing system, we work with them to find the cream that most benefits their skin. Then, as our clients’ pores and the quality of the skin gets better and better, we encourage them to protect their vastly improved complexion with a heavier moisturizer, even during the summer. Our 2 heavier day creams, Nourishing Day Cream and Soothing Day/Night Cream, are superb in the warmer months both as a moisturizer and for protection from makeup and sunblocks. For something with a lighter texture, our Balancing Day/Night Cream is full of remarkable French ingredients that detoxify, heal and protect the skin.

Don’t let the dog days keep you down. Visit for more tips or call 212-929-2182 and we’ll help you find the Day Cream that’s best for you


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