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Breakouts are not forever.

Worry not. You have not been singled out to be tormented by skin that never seems to co-operate. There is a lot you can do to help your situation and a lot of changes you can make that will actually help you in other areas as well. The very first thing we ask our clients to do is not to give up hope and to keep an open mind. Sometimes after years of trying every possible solution we begin to think that our troubled skin is so bad we are beyond help and the problem is completely out of our control. That is a negative fantasy and is therefore not true. What is true is that certain foods, detergents, cosmetics etc. that do not affect other people affect you.  This does not make you defective; it makes you sensitive. We at ÀTOI are well versed in every possible skin irritation and have put together a very effective solution that improves your skin immediately and cumulatively. We know we make the finest products for troubled, acne prone skin available anywhere, but we also know there are a lot of things one can do to improve the skin.

The very first thing we ask our clients to do is not to give up hope and to keep an open mind.

Here’s the ÀTOI list of 10 Do’s and Dont’s to take control and free yourself from troubled skin.

  1. Use a Kind Hand: We ask our clients to make sure they develop a gentle hand onGentle Hand their skin. A rough hand irritates break outs and coarsens the skin around them, slowing the healing process.
  2. Avoid Exfoliants: Troubled skin is best treated with gentle care. Even though we make the gentlest most effective exfoliant, we do not recommend using it until the skin calms down and clears. Even then it should be not be used daily. Applying exfoliant on broken out skin is like trying to heal a paper-cut with sandpaper.
  3. Use Distilled Water and 100% Rolled Cotton: Our favorite suggestion to clients, Cotton+Waterespecially those with irritated skin,  is to invest in a gallon of distilled water and a spray bottle to put it in. Do not use a towel to dry the face when you get out of shower or bath. There is an irritating residue from the detergent and fabric softener. Spray 100% rolled cotton or 100% cotton pads with distilled water and use it to wipe the face down morning and night. The rolled cotton is gentle and the distilled water is free of any potentially irritating minerals and purifiers. This simple addition will result in an immediate improvement in the skin.
  4. Drink Water: Glass of WaterDrinking water is ESSENTIAL to the quality and the tone of the skin.  Sodas are not good for the skin.  
  5. Avoid High Acidity Fruit Juices: Tomato, orange, apple, mixed fruit juice or fruit drink can cause breakouts and aggravate the skin.  If you must have fruit juice, try Lakewood Cranberry Juice, our company favorite. It is made only from organic fruit, never concentrate, and is delicious.
  6. Avoid Botanical Shampoos: Just as the acidity in certain fruit juices is aggravating to the skin, so are highly botanical shampoos and conditioners which can cause breakouts particularly along the hairline and even the face.
  7. Avoid High Iodine Foods: Iodine aggravates and can actually cause breakouts, SalmonSaladespecially those under the skin that never seem to come to a head and are painful. If your breakouts are in the lower part of the face — especially the jaw line, avoid spinach and seafood, particularly tuna, swordfish, shrimp and even nori which are very high in iodine. Filet of sole, salmon and whitefish are low in iodine and are therefore safer choices. 
  8. Try These Delicious Fruits: Fresh, ripe pineapple, mango, kiwi and papaya are all natural pore reducers. Eating them first thing in the morning is especially beneficial because the fruits cut the fat in the body, making  it easier for them to tone the skin and reduce the pores.
  9. Avoid Dairy: Fats from cheese,  butter, ice cream and other dairy products are hardolive-oil-356102_640 on broken out skin because they clog the pores. As a butter replacement, try cold pressed oils like Spectrum Apricot Oil and Virgin Olive Oil. These oils not only keep the pores clear, they also help hydrate and nourish the skin from within —plus Apricot Kernel Oil tastes like butter!                                                                        
  10. Find Happy Health Food: It is especially important that our healthy food should always taste as good as it can. Delicious healthy food makes it so much easier to stick to a healthy way of eating.


At ÀTOI we believe troubled skin needs restoration. That is the ÀTOI Way. Our process of clearing the skin, based on the French skin care routine, begins with a Cleansing and Moisturizing Routine that calms the skin around the breakouts so that theses areas get better and better. Then the breakouts get smaller and smaller until the skin clears and the breakouts disappear. You are left with a skin that you cannot believe is yours. Please call 212-929-2182 or email us at admin@atoiskincare.com if you have any questions. Our skin care professionals will help you start a routine that will replace your acne with radiant, translucent skin.  


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