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Those of us born with or who have developed sensitive skin over time know what a huge issue this becomes. Too much of our life is spent thinking, “What should I try to do and will it work?” We try product after product and begin to feel like our own guinea pig in the process. Sometimes we are reduced to planning life’s events around our sensitivity. Occasions that should be opportunities become worrisome as we think of every way we can to disguise the blotchy skin we’re ashamed of; at the same time we’re confused and upset by what has become of our complexion. Finding out what we are sensitive to is very challenging. It’s nearly impossible to monitor how what we eat, drink, do, use, touch and inhale affects us. Trying to solve the problem feels overwhelming. We worry that trying anything new is risky and will cost us dearly.  At ÀTOI we understand and treat sensitive skin. This is our specialty. Our clients are not the only ones to speak of their skin’s transformation, many of our ÀTOI trained staff started with sensitive skin and are now grateful to enjoy clear, glowing skin themselves.  

Too much of our life is spent thinking, “What should I try to do and will it work?”

As with so many issues, understanding the problem is the first step. Our world is filled with things for our bodies to react to, and although we may not be able to pinpoint all of them, there are several key things we can do to limit our sensitivity. First of all, sensitive skin has to be treated kindly with a gentle, loving hand. Do not exfoliate blotchy skin until the skin is calm and evened out. Second, one of the best and most economical investments you can make for your skin is a gallon of distilled water. Tap water, while convenient, is not good for the skin and contains minerals and harsh chemicals. Now, some of those minerals may be good for the skin, but many others can be very irritating. Distilled water is free of minerals and harsh chemicals and  instantly begins to calm the skin. We also recommend using a large roll of 100%  non sterile cotton. Padco brand is our favorite and you can find it on Amazon. It is gentler, less irritating and much more economical than small cotton pads or cotton rolls. It is convenient to put the distilled water in a spray bottle and wet a piece of rolled cotton about the size of your hand. This is how we recommend removing the ÀTOI Soothing Cleansing Milk. In addition, those with sensitive skin should absolutely avoid using towels to dry the face, and of course NEVER use wash cloths on the face. Both are too hard on the skin and the detergent and fabric softener they’re washed in leave a residue of irritants that can aggravate the skin. Anyone with sensitive skin should opt for fragrance free detergents. If you have to use fabric softener, use the unscented sheets. Better yet, avoid the fabric softener all together.

Sensitive skin has to be treated kindly with a gentle, loving hand.

The best solution for sensitive skin is to change the way you cleanse the skin by developing a proper daily facial routine. We recommend our French skin care routine beginning with ÀTOI’s Soothing Milk and Toner to gently but thoroughly cleanse and moisturize. ÀTOI’s Soothing Cleansing Milk gently lifts impurities from the skin while introducing calming ingredients such as French Chamomile and French Willowherb which treat and calm any irritation. Our Soothing Toner,  a superb formula, features Honey, from France, which hydrates and heals the skin instead of stripping it with harsh abrasives. These two products will astound you with how quickly they calm and soothe the most irritated skin. For those with severe sensitivity, our Soothing Serum will calm the skin immediately when preceded by ÀTOI Cleansing Milk  and ÀTOI Cleansing Toner.

You are unique and so is your skin. If you have more questions or need further guidance finding the best skin care routine to discover  your own radiant glow, please don’t hesitate to call 212-929-2182 or visit À We can and will help you get the exact products for you or, if you prefer, you can set up an in person appointment so we can help you get started.


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