Skincare for Aging Skin

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Older skin can and should look well…

Seeing a mature woman with translucent, radiant skin paired with the inner beauty and confidence that comes with age and experience is inspiring for people of any age. Knowing that it is possible to age well is healing and it reminds us that taking care of ourselves is a long term investment. However, for all the inspiration we lovely aging women give to each other and our younger counterparts, the harsh realities of aging skin are usually not as encouraging to us privately. We may be grateful to have achieved enough success and confidence to be comfortable in our own skin, but looking at it is a different matter. There is hope. Just because you have arrived at a certain age does not mean that you have to look a certain age.

The challenge of improving mature skin is that it dries both inside and outside. After months of winter weather and central heating slow cooking our skin, the surface of the skin becomes parched and dehydrated.  Air conditioning also dries the skin, but not to the same extent. Because the skin is the largest organ of the body, hydrating and moisturizing must happen both inside and out. Nutritionally there are wonderful boosts that help the complexion. Most of us have caught on that we must drink water. It is the simplest addition to your diet and makes a tremendous difference in the coloring, size of pores and, most importantly, the moisture levels of the skin. As we get older even the type of water we drink makes a difference. We always recommend Neo water because it tastes delicious and is high alkaline which is easier on the body. As we age the less acidity we have in the body, the better the complexion. Another wonderful addition to your skin health diet are oils. Once vilified, oils are now gratefully having the comeback they deserve. However, it is important to use only oils that are properly produced.  Cold Pressed Oils are best because they are not heated which destroys their nutritional value. Virgin Olive Oil is excellent; but so is Cold Pressed Apricot Oil.  The taste is so similar to butter you can easily use it as a replacement. Because of its ability to hydrate instead of congest the skin like dairy products, it is a wonderful boost for aging, dry and even irritated, post-winter, itchy skin. Making these two, simple adjustments to your diet will result in a marked improvement in your skin’s look and feel.

Because of the need to keep moisture in mature skin, we recommend using products such as our Nourishing Milk, Toner, Day Cream and Night Cream to help enrich, hydrate and soften the skin. In many cases simply moisturizing with the proper products is enough to ease fine lines and wrinkles. For those of us who need an extra anti-aging boost, we suggest our Revitalizing Collagen Line. The unfortunate truth is that aging skin slows down production of some of the most beneficial components of the skin such as collagen. We’ve started to see collagen in nearly every anti-aging product on the market these days, but in many cases adding collagen to a product doesn’t help your skin create it’s own. The Marine Collagen used in our Revitalizing Collagen Cleansing Milk and Toner DOES. The Milk and Toner hydrate, restore and repair as they unclog pores and smooth the skin. They also prepare the skin for the benefits of the Day and Night Creams which are rich in ingredients that heal the skin and stimulate its natural collagen production. Aging skin might be slowing down, but it is still important to find anti-aging products that help the skin help itself.

As we get older many of us develop sensitive skin; extra care is essential for both skin and body. We have a proven solution that is very positive and makes a very noticeable improvement in fine lines and wrinkles after just 1 cleansing.  As an added plus, we recommend removing Cleansing Milk with 100% rolled non-sterile cotton sprayed with distilled water. Repeating this process at least 1-3 times in the evening will remove even more lines and refine the skin. For maximum benefits, follow with our equally remarkable Toner which reduces and evens the pores and removes any trace of left over Cleansing Milk. Because it contains no drying alcohol, our Toner is beneficial for even the most dehydrated skin. You will see a noticeable reduction in lines after your 1st cleansing, and with ÀTOI’s remarkable Day and Night Creams, the improvement continues.  These immediate results are encouraging because they are only the beginning of your transformation to younger radiant skin. Your skin CAN look as well as the rest of you feels—and if you don’t feel that well, we’re sure looking years younger with even, radiant skin will help. At ÀTOI we know we can and will make the difference you have been looking for. If you are in any way hesitant, please call.  We like and want to hear from you so we can help you determine what you should begin with,  how best to use it and what you should wait to buy until you get you develop a consistent Cleansing & Moisturizing routine. Call us. You have nothing to lose—except those wrinkles.