Our complexion is the first thing people see and knowing our skin is radiant and beautiful can give us a powerful boost of confidence. With this in mind, we’re encouraged to buy lots of makeup and expensive quick fix products to get the good complexion we’re afraid we don’t naturally have. However, the truth is, even if these quick fixes do something initially, for the long term appearance of your skin it’s best to develop the habit of cleansing with superb products that actually make a difference. At ÀTOI we believe you don’t have to be born with amazing skin to get amazing skin, but if you want amazing skin, you have to start with the basics. It is like constructing a tall building. A solid foundation is crucial if we want it to last and look its best. Building that foundation starts with the 2 essential skin care steps of ÀTOI’s Cleansing Routine.

What we use to cleanse our skin is key for achieving optimal results. It is so important to find the right, exceptional cleanser for your skin. Most people try to roughly scrub away impurities and end up cleansing insufficiently with products that coarsen the skin, or if the products are designed specifically for sensitive skin, they do nothing. Our Cleansing Milks and Toners are in a league by themselves—they are truly facials in a bottle. Most clients see results immediately, after just one cleansing and continuously as they maintain their cleansing face regimen.

Pores are long and slender. Conventional cleansers like soap and gels clean the surface, but they dry the skin underneath which causes the narrow inner pore to close. This means that they are unable to thoroughly cleanse the pore. After years of this the skin becomes coarse. ÀTOI Cleansers, however, soften rather than burn the pore. This allows the Cleansing Milk to actually reach the inner pore and lift the impurities from within, reducing the size of the pore and restoring and healing even coarse, blotchy skin. ÀTOI Cleansing Milks are designed to be used generously and gently—not for massaging into the skin. To receive the maximum benefits of the cleansers, we recommend cleansing 2-3 times before bed each night and 1-2 times in your morning skincare routine. Each time we cleanse, the pores get smaller and the skin gets smoother. Even wrinkles are improved by this simple process. This is why it is incredibly important to cleanse thoroughly and conscientiously each night.   

ÀTOI Toners complete this amazing process. They reduce the pores even more and even the skin tone. Like our Cleansing Milks, ÀTOI Toners are free of harsh, drying or irritating ingredients such as alcohol. In fact, our Toners contain extraordinary ingredients for soothing, clarifying, revitalizing and nourishing the skin while tightening and toning. Again, we recommend using Toners 2 times in your nighttime skin care routine. After the final application of the toner dries, the skin looks like it’s been on vacation. It is smooth, clear and translucently vibrant. It brings the skin to life—at any age.

Many of our clients fall in love with their ritual of ÀTOI cleansing and moisturizing because they are thrilled with the results they see and because they know how important self care is.  For many of us it is the only quiet time we have to ourselves. For our clients who work late hours or stay-at-home Moms who are so exhausted they fall into bed barely cleansing or skipping their night cleansing completely, we encourage cleansing at work or earlier in the night—even before dinner. If you want beautiful skin, it is never worth it to miss your night cleansing, but more than that, it is a form of self nourishment. This self care is invaluable and irreplaceable in anyone’s beauty regimen.

To experience these amazing results for yourself and for clear skin tips, visit If you are still not sure What’s Right for You, we hope you’ll call us.  We want to help and will assist you in setting your foundation for a radiant complexion with the perfect skin routine.


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