Keep Your Self-care Promise

Routine Collage 2

January usually begins with an annual New Year’s Resolution.  In many cases, as the year begins and schedules pick up speed, we lose our resolve and are lucky to keep on track until Groundhog’s Day. We encourage our clients not to give up on their self-care promise. We believe that keeping up on skin care sets a foundation for other resolutions as well. Putting in the time to care for one’s skin and seeing the immediate results is a powerful reminder that we can be just as effective in other areas of our life. It’s one simple way to keep your self-esteem growing and not abandon yourself to life’s pressures.  Taking care of one’s skin and one’s self is always worth it and actually takes much less time than we think it does in our head.  

Take the 2-3 minutes at night to do an extra cleansing or two with our ÀTOI Cleansing Milks.  Remember, the hardest part is getting started. Once you’re in the rhythm, adding a 2nd or 3rd cleansing isn’t a huge time commitment. In fact, the cleansers are so gentle and soothing to the skin you’ll WANT to use it more than once! After enjoying your cleansing ritual and removing the cleansing milk, make sure you apply the ÀTOI Toner using 100% rolled cotton or a cotton pad to remove any trace of left over cleansing milk and reduce the pores. ÀTOI Eye, Day or Night Cream should then be applied. This is the basis of the ÀTOI Skincare/Self-care routine—3 simple steps that allow you to nurture yourself, build self-confidence and love yourself.

That being said, when life is overwhelming we sometimes need to find ways to care for ourselves while multi-tasking. Here’s a quick tip for an extraordinary lift: if you are indoors for any length of time and have solo chores to do, we recommend, after the toner dries, doing what the French call a “Packing” on the skin—that is applying a much heavier layer of your respective ÀTOI Eye, Day or Night Cream and letting it stay on for as long as you are alone.  Then, before you go out or have anyone over, gently and lightly massage the creams into your face and neck or gently blot the excess cream away with unscented white Kleenex.  You won’t believe what your skin looks like:  Restored and Radiant.  You can put makeup over it,  but your skin will look so good you may want to skip anything else and let everyone admire your radiant complexion.  More than that, your skin will feel so much more soothed and nourished during these dry winter months.

Making a self care promise might seem superficial—especially when we’re needed by our families, bosses, employees, pets etc. Taking the time to care for oneself grounds us and makes dealing with outside pressures so much easier. Developing a skincare routine shouldn’t just be another item on the schedule, one more thing to have to do. It’s personal time—time to wind down, gain a little clarity and give yourself a daily facial. We all need that!

For advice on how to keep up your skincare routine and more tips for great skin, please email us at or call us at 212-929-2182.  

We wish you a happy and healthy 2016!

The ÀTOI Skincare Team