Taking care of oneself over the holidays…

To avoid getting caught up in the drama of the holidays, we always recommend doing one activity less. That act of doing less and reducing overall stimulation is grounding. Resist the temptation to “get it all done”.  We do not want to get so worn out that by the time the holidays actually come that we are either too physically or emotionally drained to be present for what is so special about this time of year. Nothing is that important!

Sleep is critical for good skin and a good attitude, but a good night’s sleep begins before we turn out the lights. The period of time before sleep is quiet time—fluff for the brain, not time for accomplishment. Resist the evening news, even fashion magazines—anything that over stimulates. Use your daily facial routine as a calming way to unwind. You’ll be giving your brain a rest and improving your skin at the same time! Peaceful, deep sleep is the best gift you can give yourself—body and soul.

Keep up your water intake.  It is easier to drink water in the summer, but for your skin’s sake; keep a water bottle with you at all times.  Your skin and body will thank you.  Tea and juice do not count, and coffee and alcohol will only dehydrate you. Your complexion wants and needs water—even if you are not thirsty. Drinking water is a habit. Train yourself to become a good water drinker by drinking small cupfuls throughout the day.  Do not worry about the quantity, just begin.  Even adding just a few glasses will show a marked improvement in the skin. It is normal to cut back on water when traveling—especially when flying, but make sure to re-hydrate and buy your regular quantity of spring or distilled water when you arrive. It’s important to keep on track with good, sensible habits, no matter how far away from home you might be. 

It is also not worth it to give up on your good, regular nutrition for fancy desserts and rich food. It is magical thinking that when the new year rings in, there will be an automatic return to sensible, sane eating. Remember, it is easier to stay on track than to get on track.  If holiday travel is in your forecast, we always recommend taking a few sensible snacks such as cut organic veggies, nuts, protein bars, and health food treats that work for you so you are encouraged to stay on the self preservation path.

It is so important to take care of your skin during the hectic holiday season so that your complexion does not have to become part of your New Year’s Resolution. Plus, you will feel good about yourself as one year ends and a new one begins.  We always recommend at least 3 cleansings at night to make sure the grit, makeup and sunblock are out of the pores.  For an extra plus, we encourage our clients to use distilled water in a spray bottle which they spray generously on either 100% rolled non sterile absorbent cotton (Padco non sterile cotton) or 100% cotton pads after the last cleansing.  This should always be done after the bath or shower.  

Find out what this caliber of face care will do for your skin and discover some of our best skin care tips at www.atoiskincare.com. Go to Skincare 101 and find “What’s right for you.”  Pick your skin type and begin with the essentials—a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.  See and experience your own transition to a radiant complexion with Àtoi Skincare.

Happy Holidays, 

The Àtoi Skincare Team


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